Science and Vikings? What an odd combination, you might say. Not at all! Many people do Science roadshows. Many people do Viking roadshows. We do both!

Here at Science and Vikings we believe in making education fun. And what is more fun than learning about science from our very own mad scientist, Professor Boffin, or learning about history from our very own real-life Viking, Bjarni Thorvaldrson?

Professor Boffin has been a full time secondary school science teacher for over seven years. Bjarni Thorvaldrson has been around for nearly 25 years, so both are very experienced in what they do, as you can tell from the size of their beards.

Fun Science with Professor Boffin is our science division. Our school Science roadshows are tailored to the Key stage 1, 2 or 3 curriculum, and enhance lessons with exciting and fascinating demonstrations and activities that are usually beyond the scope of a normal science lesson. Professor Boffin can also be seen at events all over the country, whether science busking or holding science workshops in the community, or science shows at festivals. If you can’t get away, Professor Boffin will also come to you and hold a science party for your special occasion.

Midgard Living History is our Viking division. A visit from Bjarni Thorvaldrson will support and enhance the KS2 Settlers and Invaders curriculum, allowing pupils to handle replica artefacts from Viking times, and interact with a real Viking, hearing first hand what it was like to live in the Viking age. For the more bloodthirsty, Midgard Living History can supply a Viking warband to stage spectacular battles at festivals and events all over the country.

Please use the Contact link above to get in touch.

Terry Harvey-Chadwick

SV Educational Services
Bringing Learning to Life


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