Fun Science Parties

Fun Science Parties
If you are looking for something different to liven up your party look no further than a Fun Science Party with Professor Boffin. Your guests will be entertained with his wacky experiments, demonstrations and hands-on activities, like making Balloon Kebabs or Elephant’s Toothpaste, and might even learn something new.
Able to travel all over Cumbria and beyond to your home or other venue, Professor Boffin aims to educate as well as entertain.
Many of the experiments are ones people can go home and try out for themselves, “kitchen science” using common items found in any home. At the end of a party, not only do we want the children and adults to have had a great time, but be dying to get home, try them out, and figure out how they work for themselves. It’s all about the pleasure of finding things out.
Although most science parties are aimed at children of primary school age, Professor Boffin is happy to fascinate and entertain children from ages 5 to 105.
What is involved?
A Fun Science Party with Professor Boffin lasts for about an hour and is for up to 12 guests (more guests can be accommodated for a small extra charge per guest). During the party everyone will have a chance to volunteer and take part in the experiments and demonstrations. For indoor parties all of the experiments are designed to be non-messy. For outdoor parties, or where the is the option to move outside, there can be plenty of messy Fun Science.
For longer parties, which can be booked as 1/2hr extensions, your guests can enjoy a hands-on activity and/or more Fun Science demonstrations.
Also available is the Dry Ice Package, showing the wonders of frozen Carbon Dioxide at a chilly -78oC, with a range of specific activities and demonstrations using a 10Kg block of this amazing material.
Use the Contact link in the menu above to enquire about whether a Fun Science Party with Professor Boffin is right for you. Once the details have been finalised a 50% deposit will secure your booking.
And remember, a Fun Science Party with Professor Boffin comes with a full money back guarantee. See the Terms and Conditions page for more details.