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Pictures from the Seascale Summer Science Spectacular

Here are more pictures from a Fun Science event in Seascale, West Cumbria:

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Kids learn Fun Science with Professor Boffin at Seascale

Children learned all about science during an event this week at the Seascale Sports Centre – The Seascale Summer Science Spectacular, run by Fun Science with Professor Boffin.

Two 2hr sessions were run on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning for children aged between 6 and 12 years old. In total over 30 children attended the two sessions.

During the event they saw demonstrations and helped with experiments learning, amongst other things, about how the Bernoulli Effect, which helps aeroplanes fly, can fill an 8ft long windbag with just one breath and shoot toilet roll 10ft into the air, how vortexes make smoke rings that can knock a cup off someone’s head across a sports hall, how a £20 note can go up in flames without catching fire, and how custard powder can cause explosions.

The children also did activities learning about surface tension by making coloured patterns in milk, found out how to make the best paper aeroplane using a fair test, and made their own bouncy balls using PVA glue and cornflour. Everyone learned lots about science and really enjoyed themselves. The finale of the Fire Tornado, Elephants Toothpaste and Cola Geyser got everyone very excited.

Professor Boffin said: “As the event was so successful, we will be running further events later in the summer.”

The most fun you can have with Fun Science. A bogroll and a leafblower!

via Kids learn Fun Science with Professor Boffin at Seascale : Cumbria Crack News. With thanks.